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Bengbu east China gypsum co., LTD. Is a collection of gypsum products processing technology, professional equipment research and development, the gypsum products sales in the integration of enterprises.Founded in 2007, the existing staff 68 people, including various types of professional and technical personnel 21 people.Company since its establishment, adhere to innovation, pragmatic, high quality, good faith the objective, provides the customers with quality products and services, won the customer widespread praise, products in short supply.

Fiber gypsum model (dedicated line)


  Bengbu east China gypsum co., LTD., specializing in the production of plaster line dedicated fiber gypsum powderInsulation and building gypsum.
Product features:
High strength, flexural strength 3.5 MPa or 2 hours
High whiteness: 85% or higher
High fineness: p 160 mesh.The proportion of small, big volume, production rate of about 10% higher than that of ordinary powder.
We are from hubei YingCheng cream industry
Because have a patent for invention, so the quality is better than that of YingCheng gypsum
Prices are significantly lower than YingCheng gypsum


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